Become a Member

Become a Member
All Muslims are natural members of the Islamic Center of North East Florida and are provided access to the religious services offered by ICNEF. Becoming a registered member confers on that person certain rights in the organization as a Non-Profit.
To become a registered member of ICNEF, you must confer with the following statement:
I am Muslim, I believe that there is no deity except God Almighty and Muhammad is His Messenger. I agree to abide by the decision of the Board of Directors as the disposition of this Application. If admitted to membership, I agree to be governed by the By-Laws of the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida.
If you agree with the above statement, and would like to become a registered member, then please read below and fill the form.



    Islamic Center of Northeast Florida, Inc. (ICNEF) was incorporated as a Non-Profit Religious Organization under the laws of the State of Florida on December 12, 1978. All Muslims are welcome to use the Islamic Center facilities and pray according to his/her understanding of Islam. However, in order to participate in the management of an Islamic Center, one must become a member of the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida,Inc. Membership Benefits 1. Reward from Allah SWT: The greatest benefit of becoming a Member of ICNEF is the reward from Allah SWT, for the commitment to support an organization devoted to providing places of worship for Muslims, Islamic education, and building bridges of understanding among people of all faiths. 2. Right to Vote: At the time of becoming a Member, the Member selects the Islamic Center where he/she plans to be most active. That is considered to be his/her Home Center. This association with a Home Center can be changed by the Member at any time. Each Student Member has one (1) vote; each Single Member has one (1) vote; and each Family Member has one (1) vote for each adult member of his /her family, i.e. the Member, the Member’s spouse, and their natural or adopted unmarried children that are eighteen years old or older (hereinafter referred to as Member Voters). All such Member Voters shall elect the ICNEF Corporate Board of Trustees, a Board of Directors for the Home Center chosen by the Member, and members to the Board of Directors of the Islamic Institute of Jacksonville in accordance with the By-Laws. 3. Right to be a Candidate for Election: Every Member Voter who is qualified to vote has a right to be a candidate for any of the positions he/she is entitled to vote for, provided he/she meets the additional qualifications in accordance with the By-Laws 4. Right to a Free Burial Plot in the Islamic Cemetery Section: ICNEF owns exclusive sections for use by the Muslim members of the community in the Jacksonville Memory Gardens (a cemetery in Orange Park), and in the Chapel Hills Memory Gardens (a cemetery on St. Johns Bluff Road). Each Member Voter is entitled to a free or discounted burial plot in either of the cemeteries he/she/ their families choose and is available for his/her burial based on the number of Years he is a member. 5. Discount on Weekend School Tuition: Children of Member parents receive a discount of twenty-five (25) percent in the tuition for all of their children that are enrolled in the Weekend School Program at IIJAX 6. Discount at the Bookstore: ICNEF Bookstore offers discount on special items to ICNEF Members from time to time. We invite you to become a Member of the ICNEF by completing the form below, and put some one you know is a member already as a sponsor. Also, write a check payable to the ICNEF for at least one month’s Membership Dues as specified below. In the Memo area of the check (at the bottom left) please write “Membership Dues”. Please drop the check in the donation box or hand it to the Admin Assistance in the office, you can also click on the banner "Donate Now" on the top right corner of the home page and select "Membership"

    (Must be furnished for each Family Membership.)
  • CHILDREN (Unmarried only)


    I am a Muslim. I believe that there is no deity except one God, the Allah SWT, and Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger. I agree to abide by the decision of the ICNEF Board of Trustees as to the disposition of this application. If admitted to membership, I will be considered a Member as of the date I sign this application, and I agree to be governed by the ICNEF By-Laws (see on
  • By typing your name you indicate that you had signed the form electronically.

    I am a Member of the ICNEF, and I am personally acquainted with and recommend the applicant for membership.
  • By typing your name you indicate that you had signed the form electronically.
  • MEMBERSHIP DUES PER YEAR:, you can divide by 12 and pay monthly.

    STUDENT- $90 SINGLE-$180 FAMILY-$450 All dues and donations to the ICNEF, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are tax deductible. IRS ID. 59-1882880
  • Please complete below only if necessary.

    Due to my limited financial resources, I am unable to pay the regular membership dues. Instead, I will, Insha- Allah The amount in the box below Per month
  • By typing your name you indicate that you had signed the form electronically.