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For parents who wish to enroll their children at Al-Furqan Academy, Step Up For Students provides a full-tuition scholarship. Applications for new families for the scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year are being accepted on a first come first serve basis, so you should apply as soon as possible. If you wish to apply, please come by our school office or call us at (904) 645-0810 and we will help you with enrolling your child insha’Allah!

Note: Income guidelines have been increased, so a lot more families may qualify to receive the scholarship! See income guidelines at the following link:


ICNEF’s 8th Annual Sisters’ Quran Competition is scheduled for Saturday May 5th and fast approaching.  We encourage all sisters ages 14+ to participate!!!

Please CLICK HERE for additional information and CLICK HERE to register, and for additional questions or concerns contact Rana Shaban (904) 881-5181, Rafa Shamsedden (904) 646-3462, or Shakirah Mohtisham (904) 651-9478.

Rohingya Muslims Need your help!

Rohingya Muslims Need your help!

Rohingya?  Rakhine?  Burma?  Myanmar?  Bangladesh?  

According to the UN, 389,000 Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic minority living in the predominantly Buddhist state of Rakhine in western Myanmar (formerly Burma), have fled to Bangladesh in four weeks!  They have endured decades of oppression, discrimination, and human rights violations. But recently, the ethnic cleansing of our brothers and sisters, and their children and parents in the form of massacres, rapes, murders, torture, looting, and the burning of entire villages has increased.  These atrocities are appalling and inhumane.  The military has even been accused of planting land mines at the border.  Many Rohingya have drowned trying to flee from the violence.

many world leaders have sent an open letter to the United Nations Security Council requesting that the international community take action against the genocide being committed against the Rohingya Muslims, who are described as “the most persecuted minority in the world.”
Approximately sixty percent (60%) of the refugees are children and according to UNICEF there is an acute shortage of everything, “most critically shelter, food, and clean water.”

We strongly advise you to donate to the “Emergency Relief” for “Rohingya” through the Chicago-based Zakat Foundation of America, which is rated four stars by Charity Navigator.

It is our duty to be Ansars, Helpers, to ALL human beings, especially stateless and displaced Muslims. To help or not to help…. that is the decision we must make.  Do we sacrifice SOME money or NONE at all for our brothers and sisters who are suffering and desperately need our financial assistance or do we ignore and neglect them?
Remember…our life is a journey filled with tests!  Do we pass or fail this one?

Funeral Preparation Room – Fundraising Campaign

Funeral Preparation Room – Fundraising Campaign

We are pleased to let you know that we started the fundraising campaign to collect the remaining fund to start the Funeral Preparation room at ICNEF, the campaign will continue until mid of October, The Facility will be used to store and wash our beloved deceased  Brothers / Sisters in an honorable way, also it may help the deceased family to save some expenses, we need $90,000 to complete the project,

Kindly if you are interested to do any donation, you can use one of the following ways to donate:


The 2017-2018 ICNEF Sunday School year will begin this upcoming Sunday August 20, 2017 Inn Shaa Allah.  Registration will be open at 10:00am.   Fees are $120 for the first child and $90 for additional children. Books are additional. Please share the below dates and this email with other families and friends.

Registration & First Day……..….Aug 20, 2017@10-1:30PM
Eid Ul Adha Break……………….Sep 3, 2017
Thanksgiving Break.……………..Nov 26, 2017
Last Day..…………………………Dec 17, 2017
For more information please contact


InShaa Allah Dar Al-Arabiya Saturday School will begin its semester on Saturday 19th.
Registration dates are as follows:

  • Friday 18th after Jumaa in main hallway (new and returning students)
  • Saturday 19th 8:45-10:00 (returning students)
  • Saturday 19th 10:00-11:00 (new students)

Please note that Dar Al-Arabiya starting time has been changed to 9:30am to allocate more Instruction time for our students.
For more information please contact Sister Rana at (904) 881-5181

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