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لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله There is no deity but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Janaza and Funeral Services

The Islamic Center provides Funeral services to families of deceased Muslims in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The Islamic Center owns exclusive sections in 2 cemeteries in Jacksonville, Florida.

Any Muslim may be allowed to use this Cemetery, if approved by the Islamic Center’s Funeral Committee, after paying the cost of the burial. there is 10% discount for the lot’s price for the ICNEF members for each year they are paid members, also if the deceased family in need of paying some of the funeral and burial cost, after approving, they can be helped from the Needy Family fund.

Who You Call

  • First Call Brother Tayb to let him know to arrange the burial (904) 807-8477
  • Attending Nurse or Family member to Call Harris Mortuary for body pick up and transfer to ICNEF washing Facility (904) 598-9808
  • Brother Tayb will arrange two appointments, one with sister Rafa (904) 646-3462 at the Masjid to pay the washing facility, the funeral, and the Lot cost, second with the Chapel Hill Cemetery to pay the Cemetery Cost and sign the cemetery paperwork.
  • Download and fill the Florida Certificate of Death.

Breakdown the cost

  • Cemetery Cost $3,157.00 Adult $556.00 baby
  • Funeral and washing facility $1,300.00 Adult $900.00 baby
  • Plot Cost $2,400.00 Adult $1,000.00 baby


  • ICNEF 2333 St Johns Bluff Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32246
  • ICNEF washing Facility 10639 Lost Pine Dr, Jacksonville, FL, 32246
  • Chapel Hill Memory Garden Cemetery 850 St Johns Bluff Rd N, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Form to download and fill up

  • Adult Death Certificate Form
  • Fetal Death Certificate Form