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All praise is due to Allah SWT who has granted us the opportunity to enjoy and reap rewards of the blessed month of Ramadan. We must not forget that between now and the last Ramadan, several members of our local community, members of our extended families, and many of our friends have been called back by our Creator. It is He, who has given us a golden chance for another Ramadan. Let us make the very best we can of Ramadan that is here.

Allah SWT has a reason for placing each and every one of us in this beautiful city of Jacksonville. He has blessed us with a community in which there are no community members with the resources and the heart to provide bulk of what is needed to build and maintain the facilities we need for an enlightened religious life. Consequently, the burden falls on each one of us, without exception, to share this responsibility as much as our resources permit.

We have two major areas for which we need your support:

  • A. ICNEF School Building: The building is just about 50 percent complete at a total investment to-date of $1.5 million. Our first priority is to pay off the remaining balance of loans ($355,000) to those community members who gave us Qarde-Hasanah last year. This is an obligation that must be paid this year as soon as possible. Thereafter, based upon the funds raised, we need to pick up the construction work where we stopped. Let us shoot for at least another $250,000. Ramadan Target: $600,000 PLUS PLUS.
  • B. ICNEF Operating Expenses: In 2016, our total operating expenses were $304,403.22, i.e. a little over $25,000 per month. The ICNEF Building roofs and AC units are getting pretty old and we must start setting aside at least $50,000 each year as they would need to be replaced fairly soon. Since 50 percent of the operating expenses are covered by the Membership Dues, Friday collections, and miscellaneous donations received during the year, we must raise the remaining 50 percent ($150,000) plus the Annual Budget for the Roof & AC Units ($50,000) during this month of Ramadan, i.e. a total of $200,000. Ramadan Target: $200,000.

Taqwa is the fruit we acquire by spending in the way of Allah SWT during Ramadan. And Taqwa is what differentiates us in the degree of closeness we have to our Creator. Who would decline an invitation from Allah SWT who says: “Here you are invited to spend for the sake of Allah; some of you will withhold and whoever does this he/she shall be depriving himself from the reward because Allah is in no need but you are the ones who need Him all the time. And if you turn away (from him), He will cause other people to take your place, and they will not be the likes of you. ” The Qur’an 47:38. The Prophet SAW takes an oath by saying: “By Allah, charity (giving for the sake of Allah) will never reduce your wealth.” I encourage all of our beloved community members to donate generously and reap the rewards of this blessed month of Ramadan insha’ Allah.

ICNEF will start a fundraising campaign this Saturday, May 27th which will continue throughout the month of Ramadan, or will stop as soon as the targets stated above are achieved.

If the above targets have not been achieved, ICNEF will be doing its annual fundraising on Friday, June 23rd (expected to be the 29th night of Ramadan)
during Tarawih prayers, complete the recitation of The Qur’an, and offer special dua’s, insha Allah. Kindly mark your calendars and join us.

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For any comment or suggestion about the ICNEF services during this Ramadan, Please email us at ramadancommittee@icnef.org
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