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لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله There is no deity but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Our Mission

Vision, Mission, & Core Values
To raise consciousness of Islam amongst our constituents, empowering them to be faithful and productive members of American society.
Mission Statement
To provide holistic religious, social, and educational services fostering devotion towards the worship of God Almighty by following the Quran and the authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
Core Values and Attributes
  • – Advance Mutual Respect
  • – Be Intellectually Stimulating
  • – Champion Fidelity
  • – Cultivate Integration
  • – Encourage Productivity
  • – Foster Religious Authenticity
  • – Nurture Educational Rigor
  • – Promote Family Values
  • – Provide Spiritual Guidance
  • – Remain Socially Relevant