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Our Imam is Hafez Muhammad Bilal Malik

Last year we were looking for an Imam, but that position has now been filled. In this manner, we will not be receiving any more applications to which we need to respond.  Jazak Allah Khairan

IMAM Hafez Muhammad Bilal Malik – Weekly Schedule

Shaikh Mostafa Muftah Community Program

Shaikh Mostafa Muftah Community Program

  • Friday Sept 29th – Friday Khutbah at BIC  – topic is “patient and perseverance
  • Friday Sept 29th – Community program at BIC after Maghrib with dinner – topic “Benefit of seeking knowledge”
  • Saturday Sept 30th – after Fajr program at ICNEF with breakfast,
  • Saturday Sept 30th – Community Program after Maghrib prayer at ICNEF with QA. Topic is “Trust in Allah SWT
  • Sunday Oct, 1st – Sunday school 11am to 1 pm at ICNEF

Mostafa Mahmoud Ali Muftah – Brief Intro
Sheikh Mostafa completed Master in Tafseer & Quranic Sciences at Islamic University of Minnesota, USA, 2016, Bachelor in Islamic Studies: Islamic University of Minnesota, USA, 2014
Specialization in all Ten Variances of Quranic Recitations by way of Tayyibah (Kubra), & Islamic Studies, 2007 from Azhar University, Imam of MAS-ICNA Convention, 2011
Ijazah in the Memorization and Recitation of Hafs by Aasim Awarded Youngest Lecturer in Azhar Shareef Cairo, Egypt, Awarded as Top 6 Quran Reciters of Cairo, Egypt, President of Islamic University of Minnesota, Chicago Branch, 2017, Imam  & Khateeb of Muslim Association of Bolingbrook, Bolingbrook, Illinois, 2015-2016


AT MASS Clinic on August 25, 2017 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.


September 8th, Friday at 2:30 PM

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