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Eid Mubarak!!! Salat-ul-Eid Al-Fitr

Salat-ul-Eid will, In Sha Allah be offered on Friday, June 15th at the Prime Osborn Convention Center, 1000 Water Street in Jacksonville.

  • Takbirat at 8:30 AM,
  • The program will start at 9:00 AM,
  • Eid Salah at 9:30 AM sharp.

Please try to arrive early as it takes several minutes to park the car and walk to the arena. 


Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr with family and friends at Wild Adventures, Valdosta, Georgia on Saturday, June16th.  We have discounted tickets for $37.00.  You can also buy parking pass for $8.00 (Actual $12.00), and unlimited drinks ticket for $8.00 (Each drink cost $6.00).  These offers are available only for groups.

Tickets available in ICNEF office, bookstore, during AFA graduation (5/26).  Last date to buy tickets 5/31/2018.

These are temporary tickets, You will have to exchange these tickets for the real tickets before June 12th 2018.

RAMADAN’S 2018 GF Fundraising Campaign

 In-Shaa Allah Our goal for 2018 Ramadan’s fundraising is $150K to cover the short in the General Fund, So please help us to reach our goal In-Shaa Allah, you can pay in person to any of the board members or Sister Rafa at the office or you can donate online

Ramadan Duas (Supplications)

Duas (Supplications) shared by our Imam during each day of Ramadan

Each dua is in Arabic with Translation and Transliteration. Please click on the links below to access the duas in PDF format.

Week 4 

Week 5


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

ICNEF Ramadan Prayer Time Table

CLICK HERE to Print Ramadan Prayer Times

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