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Life Cycle Services


Life Cycle Services

Aqeeqah and birth rights
Abraham is seen as spiritual father of all believers and the patriarch of the Muslim Faith. Many actions, of both ritual and religious custom, are associated with him and considered venerable in Islam due to the fact that they are part of “Abraham’s way”; a term used frequently in the Quran to denote dedication to God’s service and devotion to monotheism.
Abraham’s service and dedication are commemorated in the “Aqeeqah” which is a celebration of birth commemorating the parents’ gratitude to God for the blessing of their newborn, their endeavor to keep with the covenant of Abraham, and to raise their child up in it accordingly.
We here at the Islamic Center provide our facilities for the hosting of the “Aqeeqah” communal meal. If you are interested in use the Islamic Center facilities for an Aqeeqah, please schedule an event. If you need counseling and advice on other rites of the Aqeeqah, please contact the Imam.

Marriage Services
Marriage is one of the most important bonds that a person can create. Given this importance we here at ICNEF request all couples applying for a marriage to take a 3 month pre-marital counseling course. To arrange for a Marriage to be performed at the Islamic Center, please do the following:
Step 1 – Contact the administration to announce your intention to get married.
Step 2 – Attend the mandatory Pre-marital counseling.
Step 3 – Obtain a marriage license for State of Florida
Step 4 – Call the main office to set an appointment with the Imam for the Wedding.
Please make sure you have 2 Witnesses present at the time of the ceremony. It is important to remember that the Marriage documents must to be notarized and that no weddings are performed without a valid Florida marriage license.

To contact the main office about your marriage, use the "Contact Us" link above and reference "Marriage Ceremony" in the subject line.

Funeral Services & Muslim Cemetery
The Islamic Center provides Funeral services to families of deceased Muslims in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The Islamic Center owns exclusive sections in several cemeteries around Jacksonville, Florida.
Anyone who has been a member of the Islamic Center for at least one year and has paid all dues, his / her spouse, and his / her unmarried children are entitled to the use of this Cemetery lot without any charge.
A non-member Muslim, or a member Muslim who has not been a member at least one year, may be allowed to use this Cemetery, if approved by the Islamic Center’s Funeral Committee, after paying the current market values of the burial plot. However, if the estate of the deceased and / or his / her family is not in a position to pay the market value, the Needy Family Committee is authorized not to request such payment or request a smaller payment.

Educational Services


Educational Services

Al-Furqan Academy
Al-Furqan Academy was established in August of 1997 by members of ICNEF who saw an immense need for an Islamic Elementary School in the city of Jacksonville.
Al Furqan Academy is a school with a diverse population of teachers and students, where a multitude of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds coexist and flourish together.
Visit Al-Furqan Academy’s website here.

ICNEF Weekend School

The ICNEF Weekend School seeks to provide children of all ages access to an Islamic Education, supplementing their weekday education with the skills that students need to be able to function confidently and successfully as Muslims in broader society.
The ICNEF weekend school operates on both Saturday & Sunday; the Saturday program is Arabic based curriculum, while the Sunday program is English based.
For more information on the ICNEF Weekend School, Click here.

Religious Services



Religious Services

Daily Prayers
The Islamic Center of North East Florida is open for prayer five (5) times a day. Our daily congregational prayer times (iqamah times) are updated frequently on our homepage. You can download a prayer times sheet for this quarter from here.
Other than these times, the prayer hall is open for anyone wishing to pray or find solace at any other time convenient to them.

Friday Services
Jumu’ah prayer, the Friday service, consists of a 1/2 hour long sermon followed by congregational prayers. The call to prayer is given at 1:25pm, the sermon starts at 1:30pm, and the prayer begins at 2:00pm. If you you’d like to hear some of our past sermons, you can access them here.

Visiting us on Friday
If you would like to join us, please stop by on Friday. Guests, both individuals and groups, are always welcome to observe during our worship services. Visits are open to all regardless of race, creed, color, or gender. We ask all guests to dress modestly, wearing loose clothing that covers their arms and legs. It is suggested for women to cover their hair. As a guest you will have a reserved seat and immediate access to the main prayer hall. For your convenience, the guest entrance is located to the right of the building and you will be provided with a greeter as well as signs directing you to the guest entrance. On the day of your scheduled visit, please stop by the main office to leave your name and pick up a program guide for the service you are attending.

Visitors are welcome at any other time. We often host groups for any of the other daily congregational prayers, as well as morning and afternoon orientations outside of prayer time. If you would like to visit individually or in a group, please click on the “Schedule a Visit” link above.