Dear brothers and sisters >> Peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon you >> Ramadhan Mubarak!>> Tomorrow night (Sunday) we’ll be starting Taraweeh salah at ICNEF, In Sha Allah >>The program will be: – Understanding Quran at : 9:10 pm – Ishaa Salah at: 9:30 pm – Taraweeh at : 9:45 pm>> May Almighty Allah accept our all forms of worship >>Have a blessed day

Hafiz Mehmood from Egypt

Listen to the beautiful recitation of the holy Quran by Sheikh Hafiz Mehmood visiting us from Egypt. Recorded in ICNEF. Hafiz Mehmood will also be leading the daily prayers and the Taraweeh prayers in the month of Ramadan, Insha Allah.