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Real Talk Friday‘s will be meeting this Friday August 5th from 7:30 – 9:45. The theme of the month will be Muslim identity, and the  topic for this weeks lecture will be Faith as a Source of Happiness. Age group 6th grade and up boys and girls.

Inshalah the following week will be a trip to paintball on Friday August 12 from 4:00PM-8:00 PM. Please attend this week for more information on paintball next week.


Al-Furqan Academy is Hiring for a Full-Time Administrative Assistant!
This is a full-time position. Requirements include good organizational and customer service skills. Preferred qualifications include a Bachelors degree in related field as well as 2 years of previous experience.
To apply for the position please email your resume to

School Building Construction In Progress

Shukre Alhamdu Lillahe, work on the school building construction has been progressing as planned. Here is where we are as of today, October 20th:
  • Masonry Work: Masonry work on the walls has been completed and the masons have stopped work for the time being. The masons still need to construct parapet walls on the East and West side of the building. Those will be built after concrete has been poured on the roof. At that time, they will also construct walls around the Chiller Pad-1 behind (East) of the building.
  • Concrete Work: Today, the last concrete beam was poured with embeds for some of the steel beams. Over the next few days, they will remove the forms and do the cleanup. Once the roof is ready for concrete pouring, they will come back and pour. At that time, they will also prepare ground and pour slab for the Chiller Pad-1.
  • Steel Work: The steel company is working on the schedule for their installation crew and will soon be installing the remainder of the steel beams and steel decking. The building will be ready for them to complete installation starting next week, Inshaa Allah.
  • Plumbing: As soon as remainder of the steel decking has been installed, the plumber will install Roof Drains to carry rain water to our Retention Pond, Inshaa Allah.
  • Steel Doors: 14 sets of Hollow Metal Doors ( 3 Double and 11 Single) for the exterior walls of the building have been ordered and are expected to be delivered/installed early in December, Inshaa Allah.
  • Glass Doors and Glass Windows: We are reviewing the shop drawings for 3 sets of double Glass Doors and 11 exterior (Fixed Glass) windows. We expect to place an order for these next week and delivery/installation is expected early in December, Inshaa Allah.
Jazakum Allahu Khairun for all your support and participation. Any question, please call me at 904.629.3822.

New Muslim Resources

Alhamdulillah (All praise is for Allah) who has guided you to Islam. We are very happy and excited that you are now a Muslim, Ma Sha Allah.

May Allah-The Most Merciful, reward you immensely and grant you all that is good.

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Islamic Center School Building Update

With the Grace and Mercy of Allah SWT, and with your donations and sacrifices, construction of our school building has started. Shukre Al-Hamdu Lillahe. May Allah SWT make us worthy of His Blessings.  Ameen.

What a blessing it is for each of us to have an opportunity to take our share in constructing a “Sadaqa-e-Jariya” with concrete and steel that will, Insha Allah, be serving Muslims long after each and every one of us is gone. Please do not deny yourself the privilege of participating in this cause.